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the corner drugstore

The girl had very short brown hair with blond highlights. She was athletically built and had a nice tan in spite of the autumn. She set her stuff down and waited for him to scan them. The cashier looked at the contents as he rang them up. Two magazines... vanilla body wash... lip gloss... a bag of Reisens... and a pack of cinnamon gum. Ooh--spicy. After he checked her out he noticed that she must have just come from the music store. She had a bag with some CDs in it. "Watcha got there?" He asked, trying to be friendly. She looked at him and smiled. "Some CDs." She held up an old Lonestar CD and Dierks Bentley's new album. "Wow, you like country?" "Oh, I just love country. That's what I mainly listen to." "Really?" he asked, "I'm into country too." That was partly true. "I really wanted to go to the Keith Urban concert tomorrow. I can't believe the best male vocalist in all of country is performing at The Palace--he sold out 3,000 seats when he could have sold out 15,000!" "Yeah I know," he agreed. "Well, I'd better be going; I'm having a movie night with some of my buddies, and I still need to get my car washed. I'll see ya round I guess." She flashed him an intriguing smile. "Dayton," she read on his nametag. "I'm Chace. We'll talk more next time." She waved and was gone. Dayton stared after her, grinning. "Excuse me!" cried an old lady who was next in line. "Oh, sorry," he said, turning back to reality.
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