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31st December, 2005. 3:33 am.

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21st December, 2004. 11:12 pm.

paper angels
you're in my thoughts and prayers
no matter where you are right now
remember God's right there
He's askin' all of us
to help take care
of His paper angels

-jimmy wayne


22nd November, 2004. 7:37 pm. nb

I haven't done this in this journal yet, but I am going to write about my day.
And I feel like making an LJ cut so get over it and click it already.
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Wednesday Finding Neverland comes out--and I just gotta see it ASAP. I had the brilliant idea to tell all my friends to be there and then I'll just see it with whoever shows up. Lol. Johnny Depp should be enough to persuade most of them. :P
.*.*.Today I forgot my watch, so I drew one on my arm. It was 5 till 4 all day.

Okay, not much else to write about right now. Heck, what I DID write was crap. SoRrY! Maybe something more interesting next time. Maybe I should have put this entry in my other journal... oh well.

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20th November, 2004. 11:29 pm. totally fiction

They stepped into the store. Fauve, CIcada, and
Damia walking as fast as possible, with
Rachael carelessly following. The first
three crowded around a bright red
2005 mustand, admiring it.
"Ooh, can I touch it?" Fauve asked
excitedly. She placed a finger
on the side.
"Can I touch it again?" she exclaimed.
She proceeded to do so.
The man working in the car showroom smiled.
"If you touch it, you have to
buy it."
"That would be fine, she can
buy it for me." She pointed a
fake nail at Cicada.
Fauve sat in the drivers seat &
closed the door.
"Look how cute I look!"
She was the type who had to have
attention. She was wearing

black pants & a bright red T-shirt
in freezing weather.
"You wish!" said CIcada, "Get out
of that car."
Rachael kept her hands hidden in her
big hoodie the whole time. SHe
wasn't as interested in the car
as the other seemed to be.
If she had a car,
she'd get herself a truck.
When Fauve & CIcada began to
compare mustang prices, the man heard Rachael
mutter under her breath, "Who give
a fuck?"
WHen they finally left, CIcada asked
"So, are you all like in love now?"
They got in the car. Everyone agreed
but Rachael, who said nothing.
She was singing the music she lived for,
int he backseat of Cicada's a 3-year-older
version of the mustand they had just
drooled over.

She zoned out as Fauve began
calling up her crew & inviting
them over to hang.
Cicada quickly reminded her
that she had dibs on the hot
tub--her back was killing her.
They got home & Rachael trudged
inside, not closing the front
door behind her.
SHe turned on the computer &
signed onto her instand messengers
in the dark.
No later, Hewitt & Diallo walked in.
Immediately, Diallo stated, "My turn
on the computer. Everyone knows
Rachael put up an away message
without comment & wandered into
the other room.
SHe put her purse & a bag of
Doritos in her single drawer &
scowled @ Damia's jacket & CD player

thrown onto her bed.
She spotted their cat & called the
scrawny thing, but she did not
EVeryone else walked around her,
though she had planted herself
in the middle of the family room.
She meowed for their attention,
but they didn't give it to her.
Then the puppy whimpered, and
Cicada rushed to let her out
of the cage, only to then
ignore her.
Rachael made herself comfortable
@ the kitchen table, the only
place she could go & be alone,
& forced herself into a
separate world.

The sound of Damia singing
Avril Lavigne forced its way to
Rachael's ears, and soon Diallo was
passing by to complain, as usual,
about the computer room stinking.
Hewitt handed him some pepper spray
and told him to freshen the air.
Diallo groaned like a kid & walked off.
Rachael heard Fauve asking for Cicada's
credit card, and guessed that she was
going cruising with her gang.
After Fauve left, Rachael tried to
clear her mind. The only things happening
next were CIcada and Hewitt debating
which place to order pizza from,
and then what toppings to get, and
then both of them yelling at
Damia to clean up the dog poop,
who walked by mumbling that she was sick
of taking care of "Fauve's butt-face
It was amazing how much quieter
the house got once Cicada went out
the back door to get in the hot tub.
The only sound to interrupt Rachael's thoughts
now was the sound of the TV Hewitt was
or so she thought.

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15th November, 2004. 8:10 pm. I <3 KEITH URBAN!!!

Oh... my... gosh...... guess... what...?
I saw the Keith Urban concert last night! "I WAS THERE"!!!
Wow--last night was better than if I had gotten kissed by Joe AND Ralph* in the same day! It definitely made up for my sucky Friday. (See leovirgo)
Anyway, he is such a blessed musician--talented and entertaining--not to mention HOT! >:9
He sang lots o' songs, and I had a blast. I looked good too. ;P I was wearing my rocker jeans, Hard Rock Cafe` shirt, long black sweater, boots, and spike necklace. While we were there I bought an aussome shirt: on the front it has the monkey playing the guitar (like on his CD) and on the back it says URBAN 04. ^-^
I debated, "Should I wear it Monday? Tuesday? Both? Wednesday?" But ended up following my original impulsive plan--I wore it today. Looked good w/ my faded jeans and good-ol' skechers.
I was just thinking.. it's a beautiful, special thing to be able to create music--think about it. You're creating a fantastic work of art. It's aussome. And Keith Urban was totally made for it. He has so much energy-!
I'm still determined to meet him someday. I'm gonna win backstage passes the next time he comes anywhere near to Louisville. I'll say "Oh, Mr. Urban!" and "Do they have birthdays in Australia?" and it shall be much fun. :)
(What happened was we went to Cunningham's as planned to enter the contest for 2 tickets, backstage passes, & an autographed guitar. Well we didn't win, and I was almost in tears. "I just want to go home," I said. Jerry pulled out 4 tickets and said "Then what am I gonna do with these?" After that, I almost DID cry--I was so happy and shocked that they had surprised me with tickets AGAIN after the Rascal Flatts concert in August! Turns out Jerry was the 20th person in line--man do I owe him. ;P )
DiD yOu SeE kEiTh On ThE cMa'S? wOw, It'S sO aUsSoMe--He'S sO gReAt.. <:')

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13th November, 2004. 6:05 pm. the corner drugstore

The girl had very short brown hair with blond highlights. She was athletically built and had a nice tan in spite of the autumn. She set her stuff down and waited for him to scan them. The cashier looked at the contents as he rang them up. Two magazines... vanilla body wash... lip gloss... a bag of Reisens... and a pack of cinnamon gum. Ooh--spicy. After he checked her out he noticed that she must have just come from the music store. She had a bag with some CDs in it. "Watcha got there?" He asked, trying to be friendly. She looked at him and smiled. "Some CDs." She held up an old Lonestar CD and Dierks Bentley's new album. "Wow, you like country?" "Oh, I just love country. That's what I mainly listen to." "Really?" he asked, "I'm into country too." That was partly true. "I really wanted to go to the Keith Urban concert tomorrow. I can't believe the best male vocalist in all of country is performing at The Palace--he sold out 3,000 seats when he could have sold out 15,000!" "Yeah I know," he agreed. "Well, I'd better be going; I'm having a movie night with some of my buddies, and I still need to get my car washed. I'll see ya round I guess." She flashed him an intriguing smile. "Dayton," she read on his nametag. "I'm Chace. We'll talk more next time." She waved and was gone. Dayton stared after her, grinning. "Excuse me!" cried an old lady who was next in line. "Oh, sorry," he said, turning back to reality.

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12th November, 2004. 8:35 pm. Mr. Urban

I want to see Keith Urban in concert on Sunday! He is coming to Louisville, but he is performing @ The Palace, a way-2-small space, so he sold out the 1st freakin' day! I absolutely MUST see him live! Or I'll go crazy! We were s'posed to win tickets to the concert in Minneapolis, but UGH we still haven't heard. >:(
Right when I heard that 2nd song of his 2day on the radio, I dialed in to WAMZ. I was called #4 on the 2nd redial, and kept calling in after that. Caller #25 came on the radio cheering, and I was crushed. I was supposed to see him. I AM. That is why--on Sunday--we're going to *that restaurant* to enter in the drawing for 2 tickets, backstage passes, & an autographed guitar by Mr. Urban himself!!
...I just HAVE 2 see him... <:(

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11th November, 2004. 9:11 pm. just gotta write

I might feel totally different 3 days from now. It might just be a suit that may or may not fit. But as of this moment, I feel totally consumed with infatuation for Joe*. Sigh Yes, Joe. Joe Redd. Blond hottie who asked me to the dance. Even though we never went, I could see him in his eyes. And I don’t understand him a bit, that’s for sure. That’s why I love boys so much… An article told me not to just daydream, but to make sure the boy I like is who he is. I don’t know about that, but I just feel like we could understand each other if only we were both braver. If only I had the guts to freely make eye contact with him during the middle of Geometry class, to smile at him the way I so want to, to hug him and touch him. But first there is some work to be done. We must build trust before we get confused. Only then will I have him as my boyfriend, will I be comfortable enough to be myself all the time, to kiss him, to hug him, to wrestle with him, to lie with him, to have fun with him. That’s the part I dream about. Will it ever happen? That’s what I want to know. If I take it day-by-day, setting goals for myself, and it turns out we have some chemistry, maybe I could realize these fantasies sooner than I would ever expect. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s a only minor setback. After all, I have my whole life to find my true love, my soul mate. But I’ll never know what I want in a guy unless I start getting involved, figuring out what I don’t want and what I do like. Sigh Oh, Joe Redd, he might not be for me in the long run, but he might turn into something. I just need the help of JC to succeed!

*Code name!

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